Installing and Configuring Custom Workflow Comments Module (CWC) for Sitecore 7

Posted 11/19/2013 by asura

The module was posted to the marketplace recently and can be accessed using this url:

Here are the instructions for installing and configuring the module:

  1. Install the Custom Workflow Comments (CWC) Module, when prompted, overwrite the workflow template
  2. Define a template to gather information during Workflow actions
  3. Modify the template defined to inherit from templates/modules/Custom Workflow Comments/Custom Workflow Comments Base and also set the Bucketable checkbox to true
  4. Modify Workflow item under sitecore/System/Workflows and set the field Custom Template to the template you created
  5. Assign the Workflow to an item/template
  6. Turn on the Bucket Items in the Application Options
  7. Turn on the Developer Tab
  8. Click on sitecoreContentWorkflow Comments, then click on Configure tab and click on Sync
  9. Click on the Developer tab and click Re-Index Tree to index Workflow Comments and its dependents (at this moment, none!).
  10. Once item is available in the Workbox, you can see the module work when you Submit/Approve/Reject item in workflow
  11. You can check the history by clicking on the More link on the item in the Workbox or when the item is selected in the content editor, click on the Review tab and then click on History

I have also put together the video below to help with the configuration and also demo the capabilities.

If you have any questions or need the source, email me at Akshay dot sura at nttdata dot com.