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Twitter chat concept has been around for a while now and its wildly successful in discussing topics specific to the community. In our case, I would like to organize #SitecoreChat on Twitter to discuss Sitecore related topics regularly. These could be topics about bug fixes, features on a specific version, a specific piece of functionality such as WFFM, etc.

Gone are the days of IRC chats and since our community is spread across the world, the chance of all of us being on the same chat platform like skype are not possible. I got a lot of information about Twitter chat and its benefits and would like to try it out in our community to see if it helps. Most of the information of twitter chat was gathered from prominent web authorities and their links and name are listed at the bottom of this post.

What is a Twitter chat?
A Twitter chat is a live Twitter event, usually moderated and focused around a general topic in our case Sitecore.  A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. A host or moderator will pose questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from participants (using A1, A2…) and encourage interaction among the group. Chats typically last an hour. The same social customs apply—courtesy and respect—and it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. There are Twitter chats in almost every industry imaginable.

In our case the Hashtag #SitecoreChat will be used.

Why participate in a Sitecore Chat (Twitter chat)?

Sitecore chats aim to provide a chance to network and knowledge through shared interests. I am sure we can discover a whole host of useful tips, and super savvy people whom we might not have otherwise connected with.

Tips for Sitecore Chat participants

  1. Reply directly for targeted conversations with one or two people.
  2. Include a “.” in front of an @ if you want your tweet to show up in all feeds. Do not start your tweet with @userhandle, this means that only the sender, the person mentioned and anyone who follows the person can see that tweet. Instead use a “.” if you are starting the tweet with a user handle.
  3. It’s OK to dip in and out of a Twitter chat. Drop by for the time you have and don’t feel guilty if you can’t stay for the whole thing. Be polite and positive! 🙂
  4. Don’t be afraid to contribute and jump in! It can be intimidating, but trust me, the moderators and participants will be glad to hear from you!
  5. When answering a specific question or comment from another participant, use Twitter handles to identify who you’re speaking to in order to avoid confusion.
  6. Remember Twitter chats are about connecting and learning, not selling your product. Use the time to provide as much value on the given topic as possible and show your expertise without over-promoting.
  7. Always include the chat hashtag in your responses. In our case its #SitecoreChat
  8. Follow up with people after the chat! Keep the conversation going or get to know fellow participants on a more personal level. You never know what new connections you can make!

Tools for a productive Sitecore Chat

  1. TweetChat
  2. Nurph
  3. TwChat
  4. HootSuite
  5. TweetDeck
  6. Storify
  7. Twitterfall
  8. Twubs


Hashtag #SitecoreChat

Event Date/Time: Will be determined soon based on the Community response.

Sample Topics

  1. Sitecore version specific bugs and possible fixes/workarounds
  2. Features of a specific Sitecore version
  3. WFFM with Sitecore MVC for version 8.x
  4. SimpleInjector Issues with WFFM
  5. xDB Usage thresholds
  6. Real life experiences with xDB
  7. etc.


Buffer App


If this works out, this might be something we can move to If you have any questions or comments please be sure to get in touch with me. Thank you.

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