SUGCON – Sitecore User Group Conference – Status: Rocked it!

SUGCON Started about 5 months ago when we saw a need for a country wide developer conference. I teamed up with Mike Reynolds, BrainJocks (Sue Klumpp) and HedgeHog (Mike Shaw).

We never ever thought that we would have an issue with going over our initial limit of 200 registrations. Thanks to the sponsors and a strong community we did very well.

The conference was for the community by the community.

I want to call out Pieter Brinkman from Sitecore who helped us out a lot.

I would like to thank the sponsors, the speakers and the attendees of the conference. Without you we would not have had a successful conference.

I want to emphasize that we have an amazing community. Its amazing how we all know each other and share with each other.

The main surprise was that Mike and I opened the event with a performance, here is the video:

Here are some amazing stats:

370+ Attendees

56 MVPs

37% End Users

67 Submissions

42 Presentations

>40 Hours of Sessions

More stats…






Thanks to Sitecore and Sitecore employees for your support and for taking the time to travel & speak at SUGCON.

In the future we plan to do SUGCON NA on Non-Symposium years.

I want to encourage everyone to share their knowledge. Without sharing there is no growth.

Go above and beyond. Look at our MVP’s, they have their regular jobs (60 hour weeks) but yet they go above and beyond and contribute. That is why they are MVP’s.

We as a community should be very proud to have pulled this off. The credit goes to each one of us!

You can visit for more information.

I also want to thank the Speakers for participating in our Lip Sync video.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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