How to join Sitecore Slack Community Chat

I started the Sitecore Slack channel nearly two months ago (8/30/2015) along with the help of Mike Reynolds and Johann Baziret. It’s amazing to see the growth of the community channel and the need for it. Here are some stats from today:

There are 322 1300+ members on the Sitecore Slack community as of today.


I honestly think that I would not have been able to chat with my fellow Sitecore developers from across the world, if it weren’t for Slack.

Need an Invite? – Submit an entry through this form

Feels like we are not only getting to know each other but modules like Sitecore Powershell, Glass and Unicorn are getting first hand feedback, thereby getting more releases out.

The plus side is all the laughs you get from the creative Giphy (fails!) and Meme’s.

We currently have a few admins who can help you get on Slack or help you get into channels/private groups. If you need to get on slack, message any of the following on Twitter or LinkedIn:

  1. Akshay Sura
  2. Michael Ian Reynolds
  3. Kamruz Jaman
  4. Adam Najmanowicz
  5. Nikola Gotsev
  6. Mike Edwards
  7. Johann Baziret
  8. Anis Chohan
  9. Richard Seal
  10. Dan Solovay
  11. Nathanael Mann
  12. Anders Laub
  13. Jason Wilkerson
  14. Michael West
  15. Steve McGill
  16. Mark Cassidy
  17. Marek Musielak

If you have questions or comments, please be sure to get in touch with me. As always, I love to be part of this great Sitecore Community. Live and Breathe Sitecore.

A special shout out to Pieter Brinkman, who always volunteers to help with making the community better. In this case to a paid subscription of slack which is not needed the way we use it.

Another shout out to Kamruz Jaman for being the integration man!


269 thoughts on “How to join Sitecore Slack Community Chat”

  1. Hi,
    Please let me know how I can register for the Sitecore 8 Training sessions?
    Also please add my email to the group, so I can be notified of any updates.

    Thanks for your effort.

  2. Hi, after all the SUGCON mentions of the Slack channel, I feel left out, can I get an invite?

  3. Hi Akshay, would you please add me to Sitecore slack? Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Akshay, please add me to your Slack channel. I messaged you on LinkedIn as well.

  5. Hi,
    I would like to join the community. Could you please add me?

    Chandra Sekaran

  6. seems like you are already on the slack site, make sure you check your spam if you do not have the invite.

  7. Hi Akshay.
    Thanks a lot:).Hi Akshay,i have some doubts in sitecore..where i should put my questions..please let me know..

  8. Hi, I’m passing this page onto our IT team for reference. But I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar resource but for content managers or web masters? I manage Sitecore for the Marketing team and was curious if there’s a similar sitecore slack community for us that anyone here was aware of? Thanks!

  9. Rachel,

    This Slack channel is open to all Sitecore related resources and it is not specific to Developers.

    Thank you.

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