Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series – Session 3

Agenda for the third Unofficial Sitecore training session

  1. Serialization
    • What is Serialization and how can it help me?
    • Developing with common DB’s or Serialization
    • Tools on the market
    • Demo of Unicorn/Rainbow and TDS
  2. ORM
    • What is an ORM?
    • What is a Mapper?
    • What is a Wrapper?
    • Tools on the market
    • Demo of Glass, Synthesis and Fortis

Video of the Webinar

We have the following presenters:

  1. Mike Edwards
  2. Kam Figy
  3. Sean Holmesby
  4. Nathanael Mann
  5. Mike Reynolds
  6. Richard Seal
  7. Akshay Sura

Please register for Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series – Session 3 on June 7th, 2016 8:00 AM PDT at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

If you need more information get in touch with Akshay Sura or Mike Reynolds.

@akshaysura13 or @mike_i_reynolds on twitter or on Slack.


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Session Q & A (thanks to Alan Yip for the suggestion)

Q. should we exclude __Created Date in TDS project?
A. _Created Date. You can if you want to….but it’s not required.

Q. youtube link given by mike in ppt is not work
A. use

Q. Can i get a TDS trial license on my personal email?
A. yes

Q. Is there any best practice web resource/book/ebook link on TDS you could share?
A. The main TDS wiki is the best at the moment. It’s a lot of text though, but should cover everything. The TDS YouTube Playlist is more interested for this sort of stuff.

Q. Can you edit the field’s text when using TextFor like using the Field renderer from Sitecore, when in Page Experience Edit mode on synthesis? or is it just raw text rendered on the page?
A. Yes you get experience editor with Synthesis

Q. By using Glass mapper, do you loose the editability in Page Editor if you’re using generated Models in MVC views?
A. Not from my experience – Akshay Sura

Q. How code generation create models?
A. T4 templates

Q. Hi,, can we create two TDS project for same content folder?
A. yes

Q. What is main benefit of use Synthesis?
A. The main benefit of using Synthesis is to avoid using magic strings or constants classes when accessing Sitecore items. It makes everything much more maintainable. As well the MVC rendering helpers keep view renderings very clean.

Q. What’s the recommendation for Content and TDS? Is is recommended to have the content synchronized? or to have a initial/base content in TDS? or not to have anything related content?
A. Depends on your need, mostly for the inital content.

Q. ORM is tightly coupled with TDS? could be or we can use ORM indepedently as well ?
A. you can use it independently or closely coupled

8 thoughts on “Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series – Session 3”

  1. Akshay, I am traveling on this day and will be missing the presentation and really want to attend! Could we record the GTM for later viewing?

  2. Hi Akshay,
    I’m new to Sitecore. I’d like to register for such events. Can you please help?

  3. The registration link is available to anyone. Please register using that link in the post.

  4. Thanks guys! This was an awesome session and these sessions are really good for anyone new wanting to get a deep dive into Sitecore in a manageable way!


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