My focus in 2016 was training. I started – Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series – with Mike Reynolds along with help from several others to educate the community.

I strongly suggest that you should get Sitecore Training certificate to get access to resources including downloading Sitecore. Even after the Sitecore training, I feel some experienced .NET developers have issues getting started. There is also a cost barrier in offshore countries to get the official Sitecore training. I see this all the time where non certified developers are working on Sitecore projects.

I was originally going to have a Plural Sight course but that again has a cost barrier to some of the folks I want to reach. I, along with the help of many others will continue to push the Unofficial Sitecore 8 training webinars but I want to do more. So here goes.

I am working to create a structured, real world Sitecore experience curriculum. I believe this will truly help our community produce better solutions.

I am willing to travel any where in the world to provide Unofficial Sitecore training. I got a few requests in the past month indicating that an in person training will better suit them as opposed to an online webinar. The following information is for those who want to gather over 20 or so people and hold an Unofficial Sitecore Training.


Offshore companies/resources who are looking for Unofficial Sitecore training.


Trying to keep costs to the minimum, all I would need is help with my travel expenses (Economy of-course). I will pitch in with the costs.


  • The audience should contain developers from multiple companies.
  • Provide a space to host the users attending the event.
  • Have the setup for Projector(s) for training.
  • Provide Wifi.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me. (@akshaysura13 on twitter or on Slack).