Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series – Full Curriculum

We got a lot of requests to post our plan and here goes. This is what we have in mind for now. Depending on how popular these are we will add more.

Here is the list of webinars that are planned (Each training session will last 2 hours. Will be focused and we will take questions.):

1. Agenda (306 registered)

  1. Overview
    • What is a Content Management System?
    • What is Sitecore?
    • Infrastructure perspective
    • Author perspective
    • Developer perspective
  2. Installation
    • Requirements
    • Download and Install Sitecore from
    • SIM
  3. Developing Sitecore
    • MVC – what MVC? ya mean Sitecore MVC?
    • Structure
    • Presentation (View & Controller Rendering)
    • Templates and Inheritance
    • Standard Values
    • Data binding
  4. API
    • Basic Sitecore API
    • A Demo on rendering a simple menu (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)


2. Agenda (257 Registered)

  1. Tour of Sitecore admin console (Content Editor, Media Library and Workbox)
  2. Fields fields everywhere
    • Simple Field Types
    • Link Field Types
    • List Field Types
    • A Demo on using fields with base Sitecore API (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)
  3. More API
    • Working with items (creating, modifying and deleting items)
    • Demo on manipulating Sitecore items (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)
    • Sitecore Query
    • Fast Query
    • Demo of querying items (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)


3. Agenda (230 Registered)

  1. Serialization
    • What is an Serialization and how can it help me?
    • Developing with common DB’s or Serialization
    • Tools on the market
    • Demo of Unicorn/Rainbow and TDS
  2. ORM
    • What is an ORM?
    • What is a Mapper?
    • What is a Wrapper?
    • Tools on the market
    • Demo of Glass, Synthesis and Fortis

4. Agenda (160 Registered)

  1. Presentation eh!
    • Types of Renderings
    • Importance of Datasources
    • Datasource restrictions
    • Placeholder settings
    • Page Editor friendly pages
    • Parameter templates
    • Demo on building a rendering and configuring it properly in Sitecore (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)
  2. Admin Duties
    1. Module installation via installation wizard
    2. Package installation via update installation wizard
    3. Admin pages such as stats, cache, showconfig, etc


5. Agenda (87 Registered)

  1. Introduction to Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (Michael West)
    1. Intro to SPE
    2. No Coding Required
    3. Nuts & Bolts
    4. Advanced Capabilities
  2. Out of the Box
    1. Bundled Tools
    2. Audit Reports
  3. Meat & Potatoes
    1. Windows PowerShell for Beginners
    2. Console and ISE
    3. Scripts, Libraries, and Modules
    4. Integration Points
  4. Remoting
    1. Setup
    2. Remote Code Execution
    3. Best Practices

6. Agenda (74 Registered)

  1. Customizations
    1. Pipelines & Processors
      1. What is a pipeline?
      2. What is a processor?
      3. Existing Pipelines in Sitecore
      4. Implement custom functionality in a pipeline
      5. Demo on customizing httpRequestBegin pipeline (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)
      6. Can I create my own pipeline?
    2. Events & Commands
      1. Customizing Events
      2. Demo on adding custom item:saved event handler
      3. Create Custom commands

7. Agenda (Postponed)

  1. Best Practices (Vasiliy Fomichev)
    • Naming conventions
    • Provide help to content authors
    • Validation
    • Datasources
    • Scaling
    • CD CM configs
    • Media handling
    • Caching
    • Workflow

8. Agenda (167 Registered)

  1. Continuous Integration and Deployment (Jason St-Cyr)
    1. Continuous Everything: Improvement, Integration, Testing, Delivery, Deployment
    2. Continuous Integration: The Dirty Details
    3. Continuous Testing: The test team in the deployment pipeline
    4. Production Deployments: The Big Bad Wolf
    5. Demo on setting up a simple CI setup (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)

9. Agenda (72 Registered)

  1. Data enrichment and personalization (Amanda Shiga)
    1. Getting started: the importance of xDB data enrichment
    2. Building your strategy: types of personalization in Sitecore and how/when to apply them
    3. Keeping personalization manageable for marketing ops and website performance
    4. Measuring success: how to determine if personalization is making a difference
    5. Useful extensions: some helpful approaches to extend Sitecore’s personalization capabilitie

10. Agenda

  1. Search baby!
    1. Sitecore search basics
    2. Main search technologies
    3. Demo of Lucene, Solr and Coveo search
    4. Search API
    5. Inbound filters
    6. Computed fields
    7. Demo on search using Lucene (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)

11. Agenda

  1. Buckets – what buckets yo! (Mike Reynolds)
    1. Item Buckets
    2. Bucketing Strategies
    3. Item Bucket customizations
    4. Demo on Item Buckets (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)

12. Agenda

  1. Infrastructure take 2
    1. Build automation tools
    2. Scaling
      1. ScalabilitySettings.config
      2. Multi environment configuration including CD/CM configs
      3. Sample Scaling options
      4. Caching
    3. More to come!

13. Agenda

  1. Commerce What? Who? Which?
    1. How to E-Commerce in Sitecore?
    2. Tools on the market
    3. Active Commerce by Nick Wesselman
    4. Sitecore Commerce
    5. uCommerce

More to come on Security, Publishing, Rules engine, xDB, Personalization, WFFM, Powershell and other modules.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with Mike Reynolds or I.

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  1. I just love working with Sitecore. Yet…somehow I missed registering for this one. How and when can I sign up for the next one please????

  2. Hi Akshay,
    I missed to register. Can you please send the link? It would be helpful for me.I appreciate. Thanks.

  3. I’m interested, but not clear when the webinars are occurring. Please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Hi Akshay,
    I missed registration opportunity. It would be a great help if you can send me the link.

  5. I would like to register for this series. Can i have the registration link please? Thank you.

  6. hey Adam, sure. The registration for the other sessions will be opened once they are scheduled.

  7. Hi Akshay,
    Will that be possible for you add me for the webinars now.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Hello Akshay,

    I would like to join seminars. Could you send me the link through which I can access.


  9. I really look forward to this webinar! Love the agenda. Looks like you’ll answer a lot of my “dumb” questions.

  10. Hello Sir,

    I want to attend the next session. When is the planned date? How will I register it?

  11. There was no follow-up email when the meeting was cancelled on Thu Feb 25, 2016 9pm – 11pm (PST). Is there any recording available for the first session?

  12. we sent out an email as well as sent out a make up session. We do not have a recording and do not intend to record these sessions.

  13. Thanks for sending the link, kindly could you please provide session-1,2,3 videos. So that I’ll get the base idea before session 4.

  14. you would have to go to the individual session links via this page and see if there is a video available. Thanks.

  15. Is this project still alive?

    I´ve watched all the training provided and they are awesome, I’d really love to see this project keep going.

    Thanks for all the good work and material provided

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