Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series

First these webinars are not intended for seasoned Sitecore developers. These are meant for basic Sitecore training to bridge a knowledge gap I have been seeing for a while in the community.

I notice a lot of experienced and junior .NET resources who are pushed into Sitecore with just the training and a cert. Most of the time these resources end up developing poor solutions which we all have to fix later on.

This has been going long enough. There have been many times when attendees at user groups approached experienced Sitecore devs asking questions they have spend hours to figure out. I feel like there is no MSDN version (I am talking about MSDN in 2003 when it was really good) for Sitecore for reference and even if there was, it might be difficult for those new to Sitecore to figure out what to search for.

One search in google will give you a ton on results from all over the place but its all over the place.

Hence this series.

I plan on running these webinars to get people trained up in Sitecore (Unofficially) so they make better decisions and help progress this great community of ours.

My partner in crime Mike Reynolds a two time Sitecore MVP will be working with me to deliver these sessions.

This first session will be held on Thursday February 25 2016 (9PM PST, 12AM EST, 5AM London – Feb 26, 7AM Istanbul – Feb 26, 10:30AM Delhi – Feb 26, 4PM Sydney – Feb 26).

1. Agenda for the first Unofficial Sitecore training sessions is listed below (306 registered)

  1. Overview
    • What is a Content Management System?
    • What is Sitecore?
    • Infrastructure perspective
    • Author perspective
    • Developer perspective
  2. Installation
    • Requirements
    • Download and Install Sitecore from
    • SIM
  3. Developing Sitecore
    • MVC – what MVC? ya mean Sitecore MVC?
    • Structure
    • Presentation (View & Controller Rendering)
    • Templates and Inheritance
    • Standard Values
    • Data binding
  4. API
    • Basic Sitecore API
    • A Demo on rendering a simple menu (participants are encouraged to follow along with the demo on their machines)

Each training session will last 2 hours. Will be focused and we will take questions.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Here is a link to the Full Curriculum.

73 thoughts on “Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series”

  1. First Session will be either on 26th or 27th Feb Delhi timing. So you will be covering all point from above agenda or like 1, 2, 3 … and later others ?

  2. The Agenda shown there is for more than one session. This webinar will last 2 hours. That is not enough time to do all the items.

  3. 5AM… :-/ That kind of excludes the better part of Europe. I hope there will be recordings… 🙂

  4. thank you. At this moment in time we are not planning on recording the events as we want to interact with each set of audience.

  5. Kindly notify me for the session which is going to happen on the 26 th Feb 2016 and 27th Feb 2016.

  6. I could not register for the session. Will the registration open again? If not ,it will be really helpful if the recordings of the sessions are available.

  7. Is this registration closed ? As i am not able to find any link or not able to register myself.

    Could you please help me ?

    Thanks in advance !

  8. Hi Akshay, I have registered for this session Feb 25th. But I haven’t got any confirmation on my registration; Will you be sending the invite later. Please let me kow

  9. Hi Akshay, I did sign up for first webinar for Feb 26. But I haven’t got any confirmation. Please let me know will you sending it later.

  10. Great job Akash.
    I want to register for Webinar I am not able to find the link.
    Can you please share the info.

  11. “Registration closed” and no recordings… 🙁 That’s a shame. Wouldn’t hurt to record the webinar so everyone can benefit…

  12. Hi, I’d love to catch this series, I fully agree with your reasons for hosting them. Is there any chance my colleague and I can register please? Thanks!

  13. Hi Akshay,

    Interested in attending this session. But I dont find the registration link. Have registration been closed 🙁

  14. Hi I’m from Brazil I’m working in a partner of sitecore named Nonlinear, and really would like to participate, if you can provide this for me, I really appreciate, I’m new in Sitecore and think that will be so good session.


  15. I’d like an invitation as well, please. I’m sorry I missed the original open registration window.

  16. Sorry, I sent a wrong e-mail in the above comment, can you sent again please? now the e-mail is correct, very thanks and sorry again.

  17. Hi Akshay,
    Great Initiative! Please try to record your sessions.It would be really helpful for everyone.
    Thank you.

  18. Hi,

    I missed the first session and cannot see registration links for future session. Please share the registration link.

  19. Hi Akshay,

    Are you able to share the link to this session’s video please? the youtube version doesn’t seem to be working?

    Many thanks

  20. This first session does not have a video. Check other individual sessions for session specific assets.

  21. Hello Akshay,
    Can you please share video for first session. Session 1 contain some major information to understand the basics of Sitecore. So, Please share the 1st video.

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